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Dahil hindi lang din naman puro kagaguhan ang GAGITOS Marso 27, 2008

Posted by akda in Bomba sa Siyudad, copy paste.

[Kung pagbukas niyo ng multiply account niyo, at nakita niyo to sa dashboard niyo, at hindi niyo binasa, tae, kukutusan ko kayo.Ay hinde, joke lang.. Basahin niyo na lang, yun na lang magagawa niyo, ang maging aware sa mga pangyayari sa mundo, no money kasi ako, kaya ipopost ko na lang to, para mabasa nung mga taong mapera. Ok? Ok. O? Basa na!…]

Hello friends. My friend, Pam Pascua, age 16, is suffering from cancer of the muscle. Since she entered the Music Department of St. Scho as a voice major last June (and had to eventually leave for treatment), she has undergone more than 5 cycles of chemo AND had her right leg amputated. Treatment is ongoing.

We all know the financial, not to mention emotional, burden cancer imposes on the patient and family. But just to give you an idea, ONE injection for Pam costs 5,000 pesos. And she needs EIGHT injections periodically. That’s 40,000! Not to mention the cost of chemo treatments, doctor’s fees and her stay at PGH.

God knows and we all know that cancer is no joke. Cancer is something that needs to be treated and treated NOW. How can you help her?


Is there someone in your life, such as a mother or a boyfriend, or an important occasion like a birthday or anniversary that you would like to dedicate a song to, but have no relevant song in mind? I can write it for you, exactly just for that occasion or person. Specify the content, mood, style and any other details you wish to hear in the song. The song can also be made out of a poem/any text you have written for that person/occasion.

For a fee of only 300 php, you will have your song. This includes:

1. the LYRICS (unless you have provided them already)
2. the MELODY
3. the CHORDS

*Lyrics and chords, typed on paper
*Additional 50 php for a LEAD SHEET or MUSICAL SCORE (containing lyrics, melody and chords)

If you want to perform this song yourself, I will teach it to you free of charge at a specified time and place.

For a fee of 400 php, you can have an additional MINUS ONE in CD format.

For a fee of 500 php, you can have the sheet music, plus your whole song, melody and accompaniment, in a CD. This includes a PLASTIC CASE and CD COVER. The CD cover will contain the TITLE and LYRICS of the song, and may include a DEDICATION from you.

The song will be ready TWO WEEKS after you have sent your order in. For CDs, THREE WEEKS.

Interested people may text me at 09279060725 or e-mail me at gmajor_scale@yahoo.com.ph. I’m also reachable on multiply as username gmajor. Please also forward this to your friends who you think would like a song made.

Whatever amount one generously gives in the service of another, in the eyes of God, that amount becomes PRICELESS. Please, let’s combine our blessings for Pam! Hearing her sing freely again truly is a priceless blessing. Thank you. God bless you all. πŸ™‚



Mga Puna»

1. wei vines - Marso 28, 2008

ang bait naman nya πŸ˜€

2. aKDa - Marso 29, 2008

onga. tsktsk. buti na lang, ang hirap maging mabait, di tinuro saken yan nung grade school ako e.

3. wei vines - Marso 29, 2008

puro suntukan naman ginawa ko nung gradeschool eh…naghahanap ng nawawalang bait..pota..ang corny noh?? sorry in love lang..bwahahha~!

4. kumagzky - Enero 23, 2010

bangis mo tsong πŸ™‚

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