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Life, Death, Rebirth Marso 18, 2008

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“This is reality Wei, you must live with it” -Zweii, the philosopher.

Kung papasok ka sa trabaho/school o kaya naman may ka date, and you must pass that report early in the morning, mababadtrip ka lang. Kasi, hindi man lang makisama yung driver ng sinasakyan mong bus, o kaya naman, kung may dala kang auto, traffic. Ironic noh? But how about losing your priority? losing your hopes and dreams on that single event?

Life, as you know, will never be the same again.

Everything will be mess up and you need to revise your plan..pero pano? Wala kang ‘plan B’ para dito. It just happened. And you don’t have a control for what is happening. You suffer. And you regret those things na tingin mo eh ‘mistake’. Sometimes, you tend to point a finger to those people who push you in that ‘battle’. When you’re with your friends, you act as if it doesn’t matter anymore. When you’re alone, you allow the ‘pain’ to enter in your internal organs. Everyone must walk to the path of failure. It’s the way you handle the trouble and consequences.

You don’t need to be an optimistic, you just need to analyze the problem and criticize yourself.

As one of our ‘points’ goes; “He who stands atop the highest pyramid of skulls can see the furthest.”

-Wei, nagmamagaling-


Mga Puna»

1. wei vines - Marso 18, 2008

sorry,madrama..haha! sorry kung grammar error yung iba…

dedicate to all my friends who are in a ‘rough season’ these days.

2. Geisha - Marso 18, 2008

very classic wei 😀

you will soon be successpul 😀

3. wei vines - Marso 18, 2008

aheheheh..sobra bang tanda ng issue na to?haha! salamat sa comment 😉

4. aKDa - Marso 18, 2008

ay! sabog ako pucha! KABOOM!

5. wei vines - Marso 18, 2008

kulang pa yan….nyahahahah!!! iniklian ko lang kasi baka mabadtrip lang yung babasa nito.. 😀

6. dave1112 - Marso 18, 2008

balikan ko to..teka…ako’y antok na…hahaha..

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